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Video and still cameras

Video and still cameras are used in numerous ways for exploration in freshwater bodies and in the oceans. We offer equipment for operation in the deep sea and in shallow water, and inspection cameras for use in ports, rivers, boreholes or wells. Here, we record the images both analogue and digitally. The systems cooperate perfectly with our telemetry, thus providing the user with a live image on deck. Our portfolio also includes autonomous systems, such as the high-resolution camcorder, which can optionally be operated via telemetry (streaming is also possible), but which, when underwater, stores photographs and videos in breathtaking quality on an internal hard drive.


We will be happy to advise you on how to "package" your camera to meet your underwater deployment needs (0 m - 6000 m).



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Color Video Camera III
To allow you to take colour pictures of the marine flora and fauna while exploring the seafloor, Oktopus produces the Colour Video Camera III, a small and handy colour video camera solution for easily mounting on a variety of equipment carriers and racks. The camera can be deployed down to 6000 m and delivers improved light sensitivity and resolution.
IP protection class: IP68
Nominal diving depth 6,000 m
Test pressure: 780 bar
Operating temperature: -10 ... +50 °C
Storage temperature: -30 ... +70 °C
Housing material: Stainless steel 1,4462
Diameter: 72 mm / 86 mm
Length w/o connector: 112 mm
Weight in air: 2.7 kg
Weight in water: 2.3 kg
Connector: Subconn BH4MTI
Pin-out: 1: GND, 2: 24 V, 3: Video, 4: NC
Nominal input voltage: 24 VDC (14 ... 30 V)
Nominal input current: 160 mA
Optical (other values optional)
Lens: 4.3 mm f/2.0
Focal point: fix
Angle: 58 ° (horizontal)
Sensor: 1/3 " CCD Image Sensor
Electric shutter speed: 1/50 ... 1/100.000 s
Resolution: 1200 TVL horizontal
Photosensitivity: 0.0003 lx at f/1.4
Signal-to-noise-ratio: > 50 dB
Video output: FBAS, 1,0 Vpp / 75 O
Video norm: PAL, 625 Lines, 50 Hz
Subject to technical changes.
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Datenblatt Color Videokamera III
Data sheet Color Video Camera III
DNV GL certified Sapphire Windows up to 1100 bar
The ever increasing demands under water or under high pressure on optical components makes the use of sapphire indispensable. In this course, a method for certifying sapphire glasses was developed in collaboration with DNV GL. Oktopus GmbH is now capable of supplying optical viewing ports for cameras, lasers or other optical components for a wide range of purposes, down to full ocean depth (1100 bar).

As our customer, you are free to choose the dimensions and shape of your window, up to a diameter of 100 mm. It is also possible for you to select a coating to meet your specific demands (e.g. for enhanced transmission) from an extensive range. Installation in plastic, aluminium, stainless steel, duplex or titanium pressurised casings, for example, is possible.

And did you know: Oktopus is unique in this field.


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With the OktoStarterKit including floodlight Oktopus offers a perfect starter set for autonomous documentation with video or images.
It includes the following integral constituents:
Item Quantity Designation                                           
01 1 OktoCam
02 1 OktoLED
03 1 OktoDT
04 3 OktoAcc
05 2 OktoCharge
06 2 OktoMount
07 1 Connection cable
08 2 Start connector
09 2 Safety leash
10 1 Spare parts
11 1 Transport case

The different versions possible are designated as follows:
OktoStarterKit     1              
  Nominal diving depth      

100 m

500 m

1000 m

4500 m

6000 m


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Rotatable Service Camera
The inspection camera is the ideal tool for carrying out inspections in water depths up to 300 m with minimal effort.

It is handy and lightweight, and even provides its own, suitable illumination, which can be activated by remote control. An external floodlight can also be connected. This allows the user to collect images where it is normally too dark or enhances the contrast in regions already illuminated by surface light. The focus is infinitely variable, from ultra-near to far objects.

Another special technical feature is the swivel mechanism. The camera, including its illumination, rotates up to 135° in the casing and thus enables the viewing area to be increased by up to 4x.

Of course, the video image can be recorded using the integral video grabber with USB interface.

Deployment depth: 300 m
Weight (in air / water): 4 kg / 2,2 kg
Materials: 1.4571, acrylic glass
Power supply: Plug-in power supply 12 V / battery
Cable (material, Ød x length): PUR, Ø 9 mm x max. 300 m
Strain relief: min. 1000 N
Optical (basic model, others on request)
Sensor: 1/3" CCD sensor
Resolution: 1200 TVL
Photosensitivity: 0,0003 lx at f/1,4
Additional features
Swivel / inclination: remote-controlled, 135 ° swivel angle
Recording: integral video grabber (USB)
Light: - 2x 5 W integral (switchable)
  - 1x external connection possible
Deck unit monitor: 5" TFT color monitor
Subject to technical changes.

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Datenblatt Inspektionskamera 

Data sheet Service Camera
Video Board
The Oktopus Video Board is used for the exploration of flora and fauna in shallow water to depths of 50 m (greater depths on request). It is towed at a constant velocity while equipped with a camera and floodlight. Power and video images are transmitted via cable. The live image can be followed on a monitor on deck. Additional sensors can also be fitted.
Application examples include monitoring environmental impacts, sedimentation processes or munitions exploration.
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Datenblatt Video Board

Data sheet Video Board
Wired 4K Underwater Camera
The Oktopus tethered underwater camera serves the purpose of exploration of flora and fauna, sediment surfaces, foundations and geological objects in shallow water to a depth of 300 m (greater depths on request). Equipped with camera and floodlight, the carrier frame (customer-specific) is lowered on a cable. The cable transmits the power and video images. The live image can be followed on a monitor on deck. In addition, the camera also stores the video internally in full resolution. Additional sensors can also be fitted.
Application examples include monitoring environmental impacts, sedimentation processes or munitions exploration.

Deployment depth: 300 m
Cable lenght: optional (max. 300 m)
Deck unit  
  Dimensions (LxBxH): 390 mm x 280 mm x 100 mm 
  Weight: 4 kg
 Screen size (live image): 10" TFT
 Protection class: IP 64
Camera: GoPro Hero 4 Black
Resolution: WVGA ... 4K (3840 px x 2160 px)
Memory: 64 GB, 4,5 h (1920 px x 1080 px)
Additional features  
Video quality on deck: SD (live)
Subject to technical changes.

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Datenblatt Kabelgebundene Unterwasserkamera

Data sheet Wired Underwater Camera