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Oktopus telemetry systems act as a way of transmitting live video streams, data and power up to a maximum depth of 6000 m. Consisting of a deck unit and an underwater unit (pressure housing), the system is available in different configurations (e.g. interfaces, video channels, power supply) and for the following winch cables (up to 10000 m):


  • coaxial cable
  • coax with fibre-optics
  • single core with fibre-optics


We look forward to assembling a system perfect for you and your application from our components.


Note: Of course, the system fulfills the requirements set by the DNV GL regarding personal and product safety.



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VDT3 Telemetry
Oktopus VDT3 telemetry is deployed with the following winch cables:
  • Coax cable
  • Coax with fibre-optics
The respective interfaces and functions can be accessed at the deck unit (video out, FBAS PAL/SW, Ethernet 100 Mbit, RS232, RS485, RS422). Oktopus floodlights designed for use with the telemetry, as well as Oktopus cameras available as accessories, provide greater visibility, and therefore better images, in water.
The following specifications apply, depending on mode:
  Coax Cable Coax + fibre-optic cable
Max. cable lenght 10,000 m 10,000 m
Max. depth 6,000 m 6,000 m
RS232 - 2 x
RS485 / RS422 - 1 x
Ethernet (10 MBit, opt. 100 MBit) - 1 x
Switching signal max. 3 x max. 3 x
Video b/w 1 x 1 x
Video color - 2 x
24 V Connector (under water) 4 x 4 x
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Datenblatt Telemetrie VDT3
By the way: The system does, of course, meet all the demands on personal and system safety according to the DNV GL guidelines.
VDT5 Telemetry - certified by DNV GL
Oktopus VDT5 telemetry is deployed with the following winch cables:
  • coax cable with fibre-optics (min. 1)
  • single core (min. 2) with fibre-optics (min. 1)
Deck unit
  • power supply, conversion and output to winch cable
  • interface provision
  • interface for connecting the master control PC (optional)
Underwater unit
  • provision of all interfaces and voltage outputs with underwater connector
  • provision of a remote webserver for defining all voltages, dimming and trigger channels
  • floodlight connection option (e.g. LED, HID), cameras (Ethernet, HD-SDI, analogue), sensors (e.g. pressure, temperature, pitch & roll, compass), releasers (e.g. for jettisoning frames), transponder with fast trigger (e.g. posidonia)
Max. cable length: 12,500 m
Max. water depth: 6,000 m
Size of deck unit: 19" Rack System 6 HE
Material Underwaterunit: Titan Grade 5
Nominal output voltage deck unit: 600 VDC
Nominal output power underwater power unit: 500 W (DC)
Nominal output voltages underwater  
  Supply voltages (gradually adjustable from deck) 5, 12, 24 V
  Dimming voltages (continuously adjustab. from deck): 0 ... 5 V
Interfaces (incl. adjustable supply voltage)
RS 232: 4 x
RS 422: 1 x
RS 485: 1 x
Ethernet (1.000 MBit / 1 GBit): 1 x
Power output (w/ dimming): 4 x
Power output (w/o dimming): 3 x
Analog video (color): 2 x
HD-SDI video: 1 x
Fast trigger: 3 x
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Datenblatt Telemetrie VDT5
Data sheet Telemetry VDT5
By the way: The system does, of course, meet all the demands on personal and system safety according to the DNV GL guidelines.