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DNV GL certified Sapphire Windows up to 1100 bar
The ever increasing demands under water or under high pressure on optical components makes the use of sapphire indispensable. In this course, a method for certifying sapphire glasses was developed in collaboration with DNV GL. Oktopus GmbH is now capable of supplying optical viewing ports for cameras, lasers or other optical components for a wide range of purposes, down to full ocean depth (1100 bar).

As our customer, you are free to choose the dimensions and shape of your window, up to a diameter of 100 mm. It is also possible for you to select a coating to meet your specific demands (e.g. for enhanced transmission) from an extensive range. Installation in plastic, aluminium, stainless steel, duplex or titanium pressurised casings, for example, is possible.

And did you know: Oktopus is unique in this field.


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External pressure facility with window
The electrohydraulic external pressure test bench is used in industry for research and development purposes. For preliminary studies, e.g. in the context of future marine mining, it is useful to create a laboratory environment in which experiments with system pressures up to 650 bar can be performed. The tank is highly compact and can therefore be flexibly integrated in the user's laboratory or application environment, including through the mobile control and unit console.

As the customer, you can choose from a large number of options in terms of electrical and LWL feed-though points and select from a wide range of materials for viewing ports.

Of course, this external pressure test bench is DNV GL certified.

And did you know: Oktopus is happy to provide you with DNV GL certified sapphire glass for your application. Ask us about it!

Specifications Example system  
Maximaum pressure: 650 bar
Dimensions: Ø 120 mm x 130 mm
Volume: 1,5 l
Material: Titan Grade 5
Presurizing medium: oil
Test medium: application-specific (e.g. brine, oil)
Viewing port: Saphirglas Ø 80 mm
Special features  
Closing mechanism: rapid clamping system
(open / close < 1 min)
Operation: - HMI-Interface with display of all relevant
data and for preselecting pressure
- fast filling and non-drip draining via air pressure system
Cover versions (abstract): viewing port (e.g. Ø 80 mm sapphire glass),
Subconn connector, LWL connector
Subject to technical changes.

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Datenblatt Außendruckprüfstand
Data sheet External Pressure Facility
Pressure housings
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