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Power supply

A reliable power supply is required. This can be delivered either tethered (telemetry system) or using an autonomous battery system. Here, we offer a wide range of cell types (e.g. lithium, lead, alkali) for water depths up to 6000 m. We offer many different types of batteries (e.g. lithium, lead, alkaline etc.) for use in water depths of up to 6 000 m.




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Deep Sea Battery
You need to deploy a high-current consumer underwater or autonomously operate a system, because power transmission from the surface is not possible? The use of a battery is then a necessity.
We offer a complete system consisting of a battery (in a pressurised housing or as a pressure-compensated system) and charger (with optional splash protection to IP65). Here, the portfolio ranges from our lead-gel batteries up to modern lithium cells. The standard model is a pressure-compensated lead-gel battery and can be supplied with a variety of different voltages (12 V/24 V/36 V/48 V). The connection is made with Subconn connectors or can be specifically adapted to the customer requirement.
Specific battery solutions or repairs needed? Our experience in the field of lithium batteries and alternative storage options may be extremely helpful. Your application - our concept. 

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Datenblatt Tiefseeakku
Data sheet Deep Sea Battery
OktopusConnect - wireless power and data transfer unit
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