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A light source specially configured for the specific application is needed for mapping and documenting the submarine world. We can offer floodlights and camera flashes for the purpose.



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Our range comprises a broad selection of submarine illumination systems. Starting with LED floodlights (autonomous or tethered) with a wide variety of power ratings and colour temperatures and on to highly efficient gas discharge lamps. The power spectrum of the lamps is from 10 W to 50 W with highly integrated power conversion electronics. All LED floodlights are continuously dimmable. This means they can be easily integrated in your application. The gas discharge lamps, with their extra high colour rendering index (CRI), have three discrete dimming levels for adjustment to your operating conditions.
Your system requires monochrome or diffused lighting? We can offer support here, too. We can plan your lighting concept. Profit from our extensive practical experience.
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Underwater Light HID 50
With the HID 50 Oktopus offers a submarine floodlight to help you take brilliant photographs. The submarine floodlight operates with a metal vapour lamp. The designation HID stands for high-intensity discharge. At a rated input power of only 62 W one achieves a luminous flux corresponding to at least a 250 W halogen lamp. The power conversion electronics are integrated in the floodlight.
IP protection class: IP 68
Nominal diving depth: 6,000 m
Test pressure: 780 bar
Operating temperature: -10 ... +40 °C
Storage temperature: -30 ... +70 °C
Housing material: Stainless steel 1,4462
Window material: Borosilicate
Diameter: 132 mm
Length w/o connector: 280 mm
Weight in air: 16 kg
Weight in water: 12.2 kg
Connector: Subconn BH4M
Nominal input voltage: 24 VDC (22 ... 29 V)
Nominal input power: 62 W
Nominal input current: 2.6 A
Pin-out: 1: GND, 2: 24 V, 3: NC, 4: NC
Bulb: DL 50
Bulb power: 50 W
Color temperature: 3,900 K
Luminous flux: 5,300 ± 450 lm
Characteristic life: 3,000 h
Reflector: 100 ° (other angles optional)
Subject to technical changes.
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Flyer HID 50
Datenblatt HID 50
Flyer HID 50
Data sheet HID 50