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Hydraulic samplers and components

Even underwater the possibilities of hydraulic systems are multifaceted. So it's not only for this reason that we're happy to present, after a considerable development time, the video-guided hydraulic grab and an autonomous hydraulic unit, which is small, robust and efficient, and can operate at depth as low as 6000 m (applications: e.g. drills, actuators, manipulators, pumps, hydraulic motors).



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Hydraulic Power Unit - OktoHPU
The Oktopus hydraulic power unit (OktoHPU) is a compact, hydraulic deep-sea unit, which can supply hydraulic power up to 2 kW either battery-operated or supplied from on ship. It was designed for deployment with the video-guided hydraulic grad and is equipped with a synchronisation system for controlling two hydraulic rams simultaneously. The drive and control components are integrated in the hydraulic tank. The electronic control system is located in a separate pressurised housing. The volumetric flow rate is continuously adjustable.
The unit is available with a variety of power ratings. It's applications are numerous - drilling, breaking, sawing. Each hydraulic tool (open circuit) can thus also be used in submersed applications.
IP protection class: IP 68, steady up tp 600 bar
Nominal diving depth: 6,000 m
Operating temperature: -10 ... +40 °C
Material Stainless steel 1,4571
  Tank (magnetic valves): Subconn BH4M
  Tank (pressure sensors): Subconn BH4M
  Motor  (control unit): Subconn BHMP3M
Magnetic Valves  
  Nominal input voltage: 26 VDC
  Nominal input current: 1.2 A
Pressure sensors  
  Nominal input voltage: 26 VDC
  Nominal input current: 4 mA w/o load
  Nominal input voltage: 48 VDC
  Nominal input current: 70 A
  Nominal input power: 2.5 kW
Subject to technical changes.
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Datenblatt OktoHPU
Data sheet OktoHPU
Video-Guided Hydraulic Grab
The video-guided hydraulic grab (VgHG) is deployed wherever a box corer reaches its limits. Due to its high unladen weight (2 t) and great cutter edge force (45 kN max.), the video-guided hydraulic grab even penetrates coarse sands and stones. The scoops can hold 0.6 m³.
Equipped with Oktopus telemetry and the Oktopus hydraulic OktoHPU, it can be operated using both a coaxial cable and a coax/fibre-optic hybrid cable. In fibre-optic cable mode it delivers coloured images of the sea floor and the sampling process. It is also possible to simultaneously transfer data from a variety of optional sensors (e.g. pan & tilt, compass, CTD, depth, sonar). A variety of positioning systems can easily be integrated by the user or at Oktopus.
By the way: The VgHG is the first scientific instrument in Germany to be certified by Det Norske Veritas - Germanic Lloyd (DNV GL)!
IP protection class: IP 68
Nominal diving depth: 6,000 m
Dimensions (opened) 1.7 m x 2 m x 1 m
Dimensions (closed) 1.6 m x 2.4 m x 1 m
Area of sample: 1.6 m²
Volume of sample: 0.6 m³
Weight in air: 2,010 kg
Weight in water: 1,750 kg
Force at the edges: up to 45 kN
Oktopus Telemetry (e.g. VDT3): 1x
Oktopus Color Video Camera II: 1x
Oktopus B/W Video Camera II: 1x
Oktopus Underwater Light HID 50: 2x
Oktopus Underwater Light LED: optional
Further equipment is optional.
Subject to technical changes.
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Flyer VgHG
Flyer VgHG