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Buoyancy Components

Buoyancy is often required to operate underwater systems. The maximum deployment depth is of decisive significance for the configuration. The designs vary greatly subject to the application. This is why we offer custom-made glass and foam buoyancy systems, in addition to our standard range.



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Custom-made Buoyancy Systems
Oktopus can provide you with buoyancy systems in various sizes and from different materials as well as for different depths. We’re looking forward to your inquiry about your project.
Please contact our consulting and development department.
Low Noise Buoy
The Oktopus Low Noise Buoy is a submersible buoyancy component which was specifically designed to have a low-drag shape, thus making it a low noise component and the perfect choice for acoustical surveys. Of course, it is also best suited as a buoy for any all-round purposes in scientific or commercial operations.
Customized holes, cut-outs and additional hangers can be incorporated upon your request.
Type: LN (Low Noise)
Size: M
Dimensions (Ød x h): Ø 850 mm x 425 mm
Nominal diving depth: 190 m
Weight in air: 40 kg
Net buoyancy in water: 120 kg ± 5%
Surface material: Epoxy lacquer (orange)
Operating temperature: -30 ... +60 °C
Storage temperature: -50 ... +70 °C
Other sizes, colors and shapes on request.
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Flyer Low Noise Buoy M
Datenblatt Low Noise Buoy M

Flyer Low Noise Buoy M
Data sheet Low Noise Buoy M