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Acoustics plays a major role in water. To address this, Oktopus offers sonar, hydrophone and customer-specific monitoring systems.



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Hemisphere Sonarhead
The Oktopus hemispherical sonar head delivers a spatial image of the underwater world. Applications are found in shallow water: dredging depth gauges, port monitoring and sediment redistribution.
Oktopus manufactures a transducer specially for this sonar head.
It transmits and receives in the same frequency range as traditional depth sounders. Its special feature is the ability to sense a hemispherical area.
The echo signal is received step by step and transmitted to a recording unit.
Housing material: POM/ABS
Outside diameter: 145 mm
Height: 320 mm
Weight: 4,3 kg
Mounting position: + 45 ° (vertical downwards)
Azimuth range: 352 °
Azimuth increment: 1,8 °
Elevation range: 0 ... 90 °
Elevation increment: 0,45 °
Power supplye: 12 ... 24 VDC
Max. current: 1.1 A
Motor control  
  Direction: TTL-Level
  Pulse Az and El: TTL-Level, Duty Cycle 50 %
Sheat material: PUR
Outside diameter: 8,5 mm
Cable lenght: < 30 m (longer cable on request)
Frequency: 200 kHz
Power: max. 250 W (depending on cable length)
Angle of reflection at -3 dB: 8 °
Operating pressure: max. 3 bar
Operating temperature: +0 ... +40 °C
Storage temperature: -10 ... +70 °C
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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Datenblatt Halbkugel-Sonarkopf
Data sheet Hemisphere Sonarhead