The development of marine instruments and components for areas of shallow water to deep sea operations requires a lot of experience, foresight and most of all enjoying your work.


Experience: Oktopus staff members have decades of practical experience on research vessels to show. We benefit from this combined long-standing experience when redeveloping and innovating products which perfectly conform to the operational procedures and requirements on deck. Knowing the physical, geological and biological research methods in detail is a useful asset of our enterprise.


Passion: Designing equipment means designing the user’s joy and success. Everyone at Oktopus strives for this goal. Functionality and commitment characterize our product design.


Quality and certification: In accordance with the idea of durable products we pay close attention to our own quality standards and those at our suppliers. Material testing certificates and other certifications are indispensable for us. Together with FEM simulations this allows us to create outright positive user experience.


Engineering and design: You can already review your project’s current status on the basis of models and drawings in the planning phase. Modern 3D-modeling allows us to quickly implement customer requests and establishes a smooth manufacturing process.


Service: Our services not only include all our in-house marine systems but also everything related to their operation and wear and spear parts.


Consulting: A flawless and powerful product originates at an early stage of the planning process and already requires technical advice. Benefit from our expert knowledge during your origination process as early as when your idea is growing.


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